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Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations in Los Angeles

Your kitchen is one of the most central rooms in your home, at once a place to cook, clean, relax, spend time with family, and entertain friends and guests. It's no wonder it's often called the heart of the home! So when it's time to update your kitchen, you want to work with a team of remodeling experts who will treat your home with the same care and attention that you do.

At Renovate It Remodeling, we specialize in creating beautiful, functional kitchens that our clients love to come home to. We take the time to understand your vision for your space and then work tirelessly to bring that vision to life. Whether you're looking for a complete kitchen renovation or just a few updates, we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

If you're ready to start remodeling your kitchen, contact us today for a free consultation. We'll sit down with you in your home and design a strategy. For a space so fundamental to your family's routines, you deserve nothing but the best, which is exactly what we at Renovate It Remodeling are equipped to deliver.

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Renovate it Remodeling’s transform your bathroom into a spa with the right design and features. Our precise renovation experts can pull together all the elements you want in a bathroom like a massaging bathtub, walk In Tub, waterfall shower, elegant vanity, and even a built-in sound system and combine them into one bathroom remodel you will enjoy the luxury and Functionality of it for years to come.

Call us (818) 302-8665 or contact us to schedule an appointment to meet our remodeling consultant.

Renovate it Remodeling’s will make you feel at ease from start to finish. Before renovations begin, we will walk you through step by step free customized computer layout of your kitchen to help you visualize the remodel of your dreams.

Our team will thoughtfully help you select cabinets, flooring, appliances and fixtures. In addition, Renovate it Remodeling’s will help ensure all plans, blue prints and city permits required by the job are in place prior to your construction. During your remodel, feel confident that your floors and property are properly protected with our special care system.

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1How much does an average kitchen or bathroom remodel cost?
Compared to other major home improvement projects, kitchen and bath are typically more complex, and the cost structure would be on par with other major home improvements including pools or large room additions. According to an article on Fox Business in 2016, a simple kitchen remodel averaged $20,000, where a "high end" custom kitchen design/remodel averaged over $45,000. These were considered normal sized kitchens - scale of project will also greatly influence the pricing of the remodel. According to National Kitchen and Bath Association, the average bath remodel in 2016 was $16,400, and like kitchens vary greatly based on level of customization and scale of project.
2I don't need a complete remodel, can you help me?
SURE! We have all the experience and staffing to perform large scale projects, but we also perform small projects like counter top and back splash updates, vanity refinish, cabinetry refacing or refinishing, plumbing and lighting enhancements, and other minor improvements in your home. We will listen to your plans and determine how to best serve your project needs. Some minor projects may be considered too small and only merit a handyman to assist in getting the work done, we will be able to guide you and ensure the right attention is provided for your project.
3How will you determine the cost of my project?
The project manager, working closely with the owner, will review all aspects of your dream remodel and identify all costs associated with the project. Drawing on over 30 years of remodeling experience, we are confident the prices we propose will accurately reflect the level of quality and workmanship you expect for your budget. The overall costing will largely be based on the customer's requests on the features and finishes they desire for the remodel, and we will provide guidance along the process to help ensure we are sensitive to a project budget you wish to maintain. Being up front about costing expectations helps keep everyone on track when determining the level of remodel that meets your expectations while working within the agreed cost structure.
4How long do these projects take to complete? Can we be home during the work?
A full kitchen remodel typically takes about 5-6 weeks to complete, a master bath is somewhat shorter time frame, closer to 3-4 weeks. Home owners are welcome to be at home during the entire project, although you will need to make provisions to not utilize the affected rooms while the work is in progress. You also can go about your daily schedule, no one is required to be at home while the work is being performed. Our experienced craftsmen will be able to complete the work with little involvement from the home owner. Our goal is to limit the disruption and keep the project on schedule so it can conclude as quickly as possible.
5Why choose Renovate It Remodeling and not another remodeling company?
The most obvious reason - personal touch from a highly experienced owner that has conducted countless remodels for over 30 years in the community. Adam, owner/operator, will be directly involved and oversee his own staff of craftsmen who only provide custom built cabinetry and finishes for your dream remodel. There are plenty of cheaper pre-fabricated choices, we believe most people who only have one project of this size in their life would prefer to get it done right the 1st time by someone who truly cares about your ideas and the quality you deserve!

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